Atlas: driving efficiency with the help of the private freight exchange

- Author: Elena Constantinescu


Atlas Express & Logistic – overview:

  • Founded in: 2007
  • Number of employees: 350 (250 drivers + 100 administrative staff)
  • Headquarters: Romania, Germany, Spain, Portugal (with additional offices open as well in Austria, Belgium and Germany through Atlas Imobiliare)
  • Industry: transport and logistics, specialized in express transport

Atlas Express & Logistic: the spectacular rise of an European express transport company

Since its establishment in 2007, Atlas Express & Logistic has had a remarkable upward trajectory, asserting itself as a key player on the Romanian and, subsequently, the European express transport market.

Atlas’ significant growth is testament to its strategic vision, commitment to excellence and ability to provide clients with customized and effective solutions.

With headquarters in Romania and subsidiaries in Germany, Spain and Portugal, Atlas is an example of growth and adaptability in the logistics industry.

How the private exchange project started

For Atlas, technology provides an opportunity to resolve customer requests faster and more efficiently. The company wants to automate the process of selling loads to subcontractors, which currently involves manually sending RFQs (requests for quotation) to 200-300 transport companies.

This method is not only time consuming but also susceptible to human error. Yet Atlas is always looking for ways to optimize and redefine processes, as well as raise the bar in the industry. To fix this problem, Atlas implements – with the help of – an automated RFQ management solution.

Ștefan Mureșan, the transport manager of Atlas, explains the improvements he has in mind with the new project:

“We are always looking to grow the business. And this project seemed to us like a very good way to do this. The private exchange will host the sales side of our operations with subcontractors. The project developed with seemed to me to be a much more efficient solution than the direct selling process we are using at the moment.”



Ovidiu Neculaiăsa, Business Development Manager within, mentions the close collaboration and mutual trust, emphasizing the positive impact of the project.

“The partnership with Atlas is essential for We are honored by their choice for this strategic project and are committed to contributing to the company’s growth and maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction, the standard that Atlas has already set.”

The main benefits of the private exchange solution:

  • Increased efficiency: Automation will reduce the time it takes for the Atlas team to manage the process of selling loads to subcontractors.
  • Reduction of human errors: Automation will ensure increased accuracy in the RFQ management process.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Faster delivery and more effective communication with subcontractors will also lead to higher customer satisfaction.

The solution for operational optimization: the role of private exchange and advanced technologies

The private exchange from allows Atlas not only to reduce the time it takes to react to customer requests, but also to manage the work of its own team and relations with subcontractors more efficiently.

In addition, Atlas already uses an integration with the Project 44 platform, which allows it to send invitations to carriers for vehicle monitoring. Atlas further informs its customers by providing them with access to this real-time monitoring data.

Motivated by the desire to keep up with the ever-increasing customer expectations, the company embraces process automation and integration with cutting-edge technology solutions to accomplish its mission.

Ștefan Mureșan exemplifies this commitment through the relationship with one of the largest customers in the automotive sector, Goodyear, emphasizing how the newly implemented system contributes to the improvement of the services provided to it.

“Through the contract, we committed to perform certain routes. They don’t ask us anymore. They send us the order directly. You have this order to execute. We may not have our own vehicle there at the time. But the automation from Goodyear’s SAP goes to our ERP and from our ERP goes directly to the private exchange. Then we get options and give a solution to the customer much faster than if we were to do everything manually,” he explains.

Project implementation and employee training as key points for success

The implementation of the project begins with a small group of operators who will receive rigorous training directly from consultants. These operators will then become in-house experts, training the rest of the team to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to the new system.

Szabolcs Fejer, Business Solution Delivery Architect & Field Leader “We provide the Atlas team with useful functionalities, through which they can optimize the current work of the operational department. Implementing digital processes to optimize order allocation is not just about technology, it is about transforming the way we approach logistics.”


The future expansion of Atlas

With the new ability to efficiently manage loads, Atlas aims to further expand its business volume and cover an even wider range of customers’ transportation needs. The company’s objectives are supported by the flexibility and scalability of the solutions offered by

For transport and logistics companies that want to improve operational efficiency and respond faster and more effectively to customer needs, working with to implement a private exchange can be a valuable solution.

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