Zipmend Express: Real digitalisation with private freight exchange

- Author: Markus Gammersbach

Zipmend Express: Real digitalisation with private freight exchange

The Hamburg courier service zipmend Express will use the private freight exchange of in the future. The corresponding cooperation agreement was signed in the presence of Benjamin Pencarski and Tim Trede (zipmend Express) and Bijan Hakami (

“With the private freight exchange, we are enabling zipmend to make a quality leap in the field of carrier sourcing,” announces Bijan Hakami, responsible Business Development Manager at “To this private transport community, zipmend can invite its already existing network to intensify the cooperation with selected and trustworthy carriers and thus build its own freight exchange of preferred partners.”

Zipmend’s primary goal with the private freight exchange is to speed up freight allocation and prioritise carriers with high quality standards. Partner companies that perform well and reliably can be rewarded with preferential contracting. In this way, zipmend creates a safe environment of preferred carriers and reduces the risk of reselling loads to third parties.

In addition, the company’s own carriers are also to benefit in particular from the private freight exchange. They will only be notified in the private freight exchange of offers that are relevant to them and can thus submit their offers in a more targeted manner. The ineffective “offer spamming” that is often practised in practice is no longer necessary.

Thanks to an API integration, zipmend controls the awarding of contracts, administration and communication directly from its own TMS, which shortens the awarding process for all parties involved.

About zipmend:

The service company was founded in Hamburg in 2016 as a courier service for express deliveries. The company now operates throughout Germany, United Kingdom and entire Europe and specialises in the transport of urgent shipments with immediate delivery.. In the courier service alone, zipmend handled over 36,000 transports last year. Over 40 employees are currently working towards the ambitious goal of developing zipmend into one of the largest digital players in the courier and express transport sector.

More about the company.

The advantages of the private freight exchange at a glance:

  • Exclusive exchange on Protected transport allocation in a group of preferred partners
  • Building a community: Closer cooperation with selected partners
  • Quality assurance: Prioritisation of carriers with high quality standards
  • Increased security: Minimised risk of cargo resale to third parties
  • Direct communication: Reach carriers effectively, no offer spamming
  • Cross-branch: Full visibility of available resources across all branches
  • Carrier verification: Comprehensive compliance check of carriers against individual carrier requirements
  • Access to strategic transport data: Current market prices, carrier performance, logistics costs
  • Enhanced supply chain resilience: Fewer bottlenecks when searching for transport capacity and carriers.

Do you want to build your own transport community of preferred carriers to effectively reach your carriers and speed up the transport allocation process? Here you will find all the information you need on the Private Freight Exchange.