SIKO Trans leverages the private exchange to enhance security and foster collaboration with Romanian carriers

- Author: Elena Constantinescu


SIKO Trans at a glance

Company background

SIKO Trans, founded by Svetlozar Petrov and Kolyo Doynov, began over two decades ago as a transport company. Over the years, it transitioned into a full-fledged freight forwarding enterprise and has become a key player in the Bulgarian and regional markets. This evolution allowed SIKO Trans to offer more comprehensive transportation services, adhering strictly to ISO 9001 guidelines for quality management.

Embracing digital transformation, SIKO Trans is committed to transparency and strong community relationships within the logistics industry. Their dedication to excellence and responsibility has earned them a reputation as digital adopters. As SIKO Trans expands its business, particularly into the Romanian carrier market, they require robust solutions to enhance operational security, overcome language barriers, and streamline communication. The private exchange from is crucial in this regard.

Addressing the need for enhanced security and easier and faster communication

As a leader in digital adoption, SIKO Trans constantly seeks innovative ways to grow its business. The company uses various solutions to ensure efficiency and fast, accurate communication with customers and partners. 

For example, they have developed their own tool to manage ongoing activities with carriers, allowing transport companies to create profiles, view pending invoices, and plan their finances. This tool – SIKO App – also enables carriers to request faster payments with just a few clicks.

Svetlozar Petrov, Managing Director of SIKO Trans, shares:

“We’re trying to be innovators and lead the rest of the pack as well. We do that by deploying technical solutions in different parts of the business. I would like to see even more carriers and customers using software to make their operations more reliable and predictable. Make planning easier. Planning is one of the main issues. Everybody wants their goods loaded or unloaded on time, but this takes better processes and communication. So automation in this field is key.”

As an addition to their existing infrastructure, SIKO Trans aims to address the following key challenges:

  • Security: Enhancing the integrity and safety of their operations to maintain high standards and protect all parties involved.
  • Market expansion: Strategically entering and effectively navigating the Romanian carrier market to capitalize on new opportunities and strengthen their presence in the region.
  • Communication: Improving the speed and clarity of communication with carriers, particularly in overcoming language barriers when dealing with Romanian partners.
  • Trust: Increasing trust across the ecosystem, especially from carriers towards forwarders and clients.

Solution: The private exchange

The private exchange provides a certified, secure platform that simplifies work for SIKO Trans from a security standpoint. Digital marketplaces like enforce strict access rules and user authentication, adding an extra layer of security. Unlike email, where the identity behind the message can be uncertain, ensures a reliable and trustworthy environment for business operations.

The platform also facilitates easy, fast, and clear communication with carriers, a crucial area that SIKO aims to enhance. With automated translation features on the platform and in messenger, SIKO will experience smoother expansion into the Romanian market, tapping into its vast pool of carriers.’s private exchange addresses SIKO’s current challenges by offering:

  • Enhanced security: The closed circuit of the private exchange provides a secure, verified ecosystem where SIKO can work exclusively with trusted carriers.
  • Improved communication: Automated translation features remove language barriers, enabling seamless interaction between SIKO’s forwarders and Romanian carriers.
  • Automation and speed: Faster allocation of loads within a secure environment.

Costin Neagu, Customer Success Manager and Branch Office Leader at, states:

“Platforms like ours, with strict access and authentication rules, can significantly improve security across the logistics and transport ecosystem.”

Furthermore, the public exchange allows SIKO to access new business opportunities, through the vast network of tens of thousands of carriers present on the platform.

Anticipated results

The collaboration with is expected to nurture trust and foster stronger relationships with carriers through transparent, prompt communication. SIKO will begin using the private exchange and plans to gradually implement it for more forwarders within the company. The goal is to have more users on the platform and to reach more Romanian carriers through

Future perspectives for SIKO

Looking ahead, SIKO Trans aims to:

  • Expand its presence: Strengthen their position in the Romanian market through partnerships with more transport companies.
  • Leverage technology: Continue integrating digital solutions to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Foster innovation: Explore new automation opportunities, including some cutting-edge solutions that might become available over the next years, such as drone deliveries.


By partnering with, SIKO Trans is set to enhance their operational security, streamline communication, and successfully expand into new markets, paving the way for a more innovative and efficient future in the logistics industry.