Direct Offers – NEW feature for Private Freight Exchange users

- Author: TFF

Direct Offers

From now on, companies using the Private Exchange can secure their transport processes even more effectively by sending Direct Offers (without any extra charge to their existing plan). The new publishing mode allows you to send freight directly via messenger, replacing multiple phone calls and emails.

Direct Offers provides a powerful boost to freight forwarders´ digitalistion efforts

Do you have a regular, reliable carrier that you always contact first? Now it only takes a few seconds to send them a ready-made offer without leaving the Platform. You can do this even if the carrier of your choice is not a Platform user!

You can send Direct Offers to all carriers, even those who are only in your private pool and not users of the Platform.

With offers sent via messenger, every step of contacting carriers is done in the same place, allowing you to digitise the next link in the supply chain. The next step in your search for a trusted transport company is your Private Exchange.

We are reinventing the carrier search process

The process of sending offers directly in the messenger is not only simple and very convenient, but – most importantly – it becomes the first step of the digital search for a haulier. Think of Direct Offers as the phone calls you make and the emails and text messages you send – only you do it faster and more efficiently. During this time, you do not leave the Platform and do not miss any opportunity.

New carrier search process

What else can you profit from during your everyday freight business?

By sending Direct Offers:

  • You save time – you send fewer emails, call less and don’t lose important messages because all communication with carriers takes place on one platform.
  • You work more comfortably – one tool organises your work and allows you to focus on more important things.
  • You have full control over your work – Direct Offers are only visible to the carriers / hauliers of your choice. They cannot be accessed by competitors, shippers, or other forwarders in the company.

How do Direct Offers on the Platform work?

You can send Direct Offers to selected carriers or groups of carriers. You select your contacts from the list and send freight to them by a single click.

You can find the new publishing mode in the following sections:

  1. Freight publication form in the To selected option – in the Recipients, you select contacts from the messenger.
  2. Directly in the messengerfrom the menu you select Send new freight.

The Maximum number of Direct Offer recipients is 15. However, you can group them together or send freight offers individually.

You can send a Direct Offer to up to 15 contacts

The freight offer goes exactly where your carrier expects it to be:

  • to a special For me tab in the exchange module
  • to each carrier’s selected exchange tab*, where your load is highlighted
  • to the Loads2Go mobile app that wakes up the carrier’s smartphone and via the messenger on the Platform
  • to the email box.

*carriers can set parameters to filter out offers that match their expectations

Try the new publishing mode now and see how easy-to-use it is!