Streamlining your business with freight exchange in 2024’s economic growth

- Author: TFF

Unique functionalities tailored for forwarding companies

Every day more than 100,000 road transport professionals use the exchange. The reason is simple: it is the prime source of reliable and readily available carriers from all over Europe. It helps you secure your transports, especially when you don’t have a sufficient carrier base. See which features will help your business grow in the coming months!

Unique functionalities tailored for forwarding companies’s functionalities have been designed specifically for forwarding companies so they can get ready for unexpected market events (including the economic growth expected in the coming months!). See how you make the most of what the platform has to offer.

⚙️ Easy freight management

You can easily manage all freight published by your company: monitor their status, add employees responsible, attach internal notes, filter, sort, and archive them.

The simple and intuitive dashboard allows you and your logistics coordinators to work with the tool straight away. And if you need help, our support team is always there for you!

🚛 Carrier verification

To help you minimise the risk, every carrier on undergoes a rigorous authorisation process.

You can verify their insurance, licences, and certificates, and check their user ratings before deciding on cooperation.

💬 Live messenger messenger allows you to exchange necessary information regarding transactions, negotiate freight rates, and accept offers.

If your contractor doesn’t speak your language, the messages you send and receive can be translated automatically!

📱 Loads2GO mobile application

With the Loads2GO mobile application you can cooperate with carriers in real-time and gain quicker responses to transport offers.

Carriers using the app will be notified about new offers and messages even while in transit.

🎥 Vehicle monitoring

On the platform you can monitor your transports and share information with your contractors. You will receive updates on the vehicle’s status.

To do that, your drivers have to download our TransTask mobile application.

🚨 Customised notifications

We notify you whenever something important happens on your platform, so you don’t miss any opportunities.

You can choose whether you want to receive alerts by email, as a pop-up, or in the notifications panel.

🧩 TMS integration

Our API allows you to work directly out of your existing TMS system. No need to copy data and documents from one system to another saves you a lot of time and eliminates transfer errors.

The integration is really simple. You can do it independently using the documentation provided or with the help of our support team.

📝 Built-in invoicing

For transactions accepted on the platform, you can issue invoices and debit notes with just one click and monitor their payment. It saves a lot of your precious time!

🔒 Secure storage system

All your documentation, contact base, and communication history are directly archived. In case of any data loss in your company, you know you’ve got a copy available on the platform. is a highly secure platform, with own and cloud data centres, advanced system monitoring, SLA 2.0, and cybersecurity certificates.

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