Heppner boosts inter-branch cooperation with private exchange

- Author: Markus Gammersbach


We are delighted to announce that Heppner will use Trans.eu’s private freight exchange! This month the contracts were signed by Heppner Group and Trans.eu. By using our solution and connecting several branches, Heppner will improve inter-branch cooperation while gaining a range of new digital tools for more efficient capacity management.

Connecting Heppner branches in Europe

With more than 70 branches all over Europe, one of the challenges of Heppner is to coordinate and scale transport capacities within their international network. Our turnkey solution offers Heppner a central platform to connect their branches and achieve scale by pooling transport capacity across a network of international branch offices. This improves the freight forwarder’s visibility into available capacity, improves negotiation power and capacity to reduce empty runs as well as CO² emissions. Transport orders can now be assigned faster and more securely as hauliers and branches can conveniently discover or receive offers in their private environment.

Providing advanced features for effective capacity management

With Trans.eu, Heppner branches are now able to leverage their capacity management in the following ways:

  • Maximized capacity usage from trusted haulier network. User-friendly platform to easily share and find cargo interbranch but also with subcontractors.
  • Increased productivity by minimizing manual work. Freight allocation and effective haulier communication via platform, mobile app and messenger with automatic translation.
  • Secured organizational knowledge in a digital environment to become operationally less vulnerable.
  • Business intelligence reports to measure performance of freight management team and hauliers.

Click here to see more details on how the private freight exchange works.


About Heppner

France-based Heppner Group, founded in 1925, has been a successful specialist for international transport from and to France for almost 100 years. In 2022 more than 10,000 customers decided to use Heppner for road, rail, sea and air freight. Currently the supply chain specialist employs more than 3.500 people across Europe.