Freights in CSV format? No problem!

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Would you like to add several offers to the exchange at the same time and are cataloguing your freights in LibreOffice, Excel or Google Sheets? Nothing simpler – use the new option – ‘Import Freight’ – and publish directly on the Platform.

As we promised –  so we did. Import from a CSV file and publishing directly to the exchange are now possible!* This is good news especially for ordering parties working with multiple loads on a daily basis – thanks to import and publication from CSV, publishing a large number of offers is even faster! How to do it?

File preparation

A properly structured file is half of the success, so before proceeding with the import, it is worth configuring the data correctly – SEE HOW TO DO IT.

Remember about:

  • keeping the correct order of columns
  • separate columns for offers for many bodies
  • UTF-8 encoding

Import to the Platform

1. Go to the Freights tab and click Import freight.

Freights in CSV format No problem - freights

Freights in CSV format No problem - add freight

2. Add the previously prepared CSV file and click Next.

Freights in CSV format No problem - next

3.Check the import summary. This is the moment when you can go back to the previous step and correct the uploaded file, or, if all the data is correct, go to the next step.

Freights in CSV format No problem - import

4. Specify publication parameters – add the date of payment, offer visibility and contact persons, then click Import freight.

Freights in CSV format No problem - import freights

5.Once the import is completed, you will receive a notification and a summary of freight import.

Freights in CSV format No problem - imported


  • the same CSV file can be uploaded only once
  • use of the CSV file import service contrary to the regulations, e.g. for the purpose of duplicating offers, may result in loss of access to this functionality.

More about importing CSV files along with a description of possible applications and solutions can be found in our Help Center – link.




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