Special offer on Trans.eu Freight Exchange: Pay for one month use for the whole year!

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Special offer

Get ready for an increase in freight volume in 2024. Take advantage of a stable and secure freight exchange that offers access to 21,000 carriers from Great Britain and all over Europe. Only now, you can unlock a full year of Trans.eu freight exchange access for €149, originally priced at €1788!

Up to 20% more carriers on Trans.eu!

Finding reliable carriers has always been a challenge, but it’s even more so right now due to a significant increase in freight volume. Are you concerned about meeting escalating customer demand? We’ve got you covered as more and more carriers are joining our freight exchange!

More and more carriers are joining our freight exchange!

Trans.eu’s competitive advantage

Trans.eu is one of the top freight exchanges in Europe. With two decades on the market, it has earned a trusted reputation and a wide network of partners. Its presence spans across Europe, including teams in Germany. Every month, companies like yours, publish here 9.5 million offers. 

Trans.eu allows you to: 

✔️ Address the challenge of truck drivers shortage and demand for additional transportation capacity for contract and spot cargoes by providing access to the extensive base of 21,000 carriers.

✔️ Tackle the issue of assigning loads to new, unfamiliar, and potentially unreliable partners through comprehensive carrier verification.

✔️ Digitize key transportation processes with a cloud-based solution designed for efficient freight and capacity management.

✔️ Overcome the problem of staff shortages to manage workload surges with one simple and fast tool for quoting and assigning freight.

✔️ Resolve the problem of fragmented and inefficient communication with carriers by providing a messenger tool equipped with automatic translation for real-time communication, negotiation, and load allocation.

✔️ Gear up for the peak period expected in Q3/Q4 2024

Get a 12-month access for the price of one month!

Only now, you can unlock a full year of Trans.eu freight exchange access for €149 – originally priced at €1788! In other words, we give you a 92% discount for an annual subscription. This limited-time offer grants you complete access to all load board functionalities and is valid until June 30, 2024. Don’t miss it out!

How it works

The conditions are simple:

👉 Register with an annual contract by June 30 and pay only €149 instead of €1,788.
👉 You only pay for the first month and the next 11 are free.
👉 After one year, you decide whether you want to continue using Trans.eu freight exchange.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Register at the platform now and take your forwarding company to the next level with Trans.eu.