The Digitalisation of the European Freight Forwarding Business. Download latest report!

- Author: Elif Yaldaz


Digitalization will play a key role in shaping the future of the T&L industry, while also posing a major challenge for companies operating in the sector due to staff shortages and the need for significant expenditure and adaptation to regulatory constraints.

What is digital freight forwarding? What is the level of digitalization in European transport companies? What digital tools can you implement right now? Our publication answers these questions and more.

Download the latest report and prepare your freight forwarding business for the upcoming changes in the transport industry.

What interesting things will you find in the report?

💡  Analysis of market conditions. You will find out if now is a good time to invest in technologies, and if so – which ones.

💡 Ways to use digital tools in the face of rising costs of doing business, shortage of drivers and challenges related to ensuring transport safety.

💡 Assessment of the state of digitalization of transport companies in Europe and worldwide. You will find out how many companies are already using technology to manage transport and what their priorities are now.

💡 Identification of factors inhibiting digital progress in the T&L industry companies. This chapter will help you understand the obstacles you may face in your business.

💡 Predictions about the use of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. You will learn more about automation, smart contracts, and autonomous vehicles.

💡 Statements and interviews with representatives of forwarding companies. You will read, among other things, an interview with an AI Manager from Visline and how Found Solution implements the digital forwarding model.

The full report “The Digitalisation of the European Freight Forwarding Business. Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook” can be downloaded free of charge on our website. 👇