DKV Mobility and form cooperation. The aim: reduce empty runs and CO2 emissions.

- Author: Henning Grimm

DKV Mobility and form cooperation. The aim reduce empty runs and CO2 emissions - logo

DKV, the major European mobility service provider, and, a digital logistics platform for road transport, have established close cooperation. Soon, users of the DKV LIVE platform for fleet management will receive access to the services of both suppliers as one package in a standard price.

Ratingen/Lauenau, 27 Mai 2021 – With DKV LIVE, customers of the mobility solution will now have free access to the platform. In this way, fleet and transport management activities will be further consolidated thanks to digital services. By combining the two solutions, the dispatchers’ task of optimizing vehicle allocation will become much easier. DKV customers will now benefit from the load-matching function integrated with they will receive freight offers based on the location of vehicles provided in real time. This enables carriers to reduce empty runs and plan transports in a way that is optimized for routes and resources. A positive side effect is that position-optimized transport offers help DKV LIVE users reduce CO2 and, therefore, protect the environment. At the same time, they have access to loads from more than 40,000 users of the network throughout Europe. Thus, in addition to the DKV solution, they have access to the loads from reliable forwarders from Eastern Europe.

DKV Mobility and form cooperation. The aim reduce empty runs and CO2 emissions - laptop

In order to conclude transport contracts for load offers, users of the DKV platform are redirected to the interface.

Negotiations made easier by forecasted prices

In order to conclude transport contracts for load offers, users of the DKV platform are redirected to the interface. There, they can use all the functions of the platform. These include a price prediction algorithm that provides a quick overview of the prices that can be obtained for a specific transport operation on the open freight market. Through and the platform’s internal messenger with an automatic translation function, price negotiations can be conducted easily. In order to start a conversation, users first see the details of the load ordered and then can contact the freight forwarder who is offering it. Once a tender is won, the only transaction costs incurred in relation to load brokerage are those normally charged on the platform. ’’One price for two digital platforms – DKV users have direct access to our database of loads without subscription and bear transaction costs only. It is quick and easy” – emphasizes Bogdan Kosturek, Vice President of Technology and Product Development at “By combining our two portals, our customers can now use their vehicles in an even more sustainable way – because it is much easier for them to find loads that can be collected near the current location of their truck. It benefits the environment too” – adds Manuel von Mohrenschildt, Director Partner & Solution Sales at DKV.


The new DKV LIVE digital portal opens the way to digital fleet management. With DKV LIVE, users can continuously optimize the logistics costs associated with the work of their dispatchers, drivers and customers. They can see every truck in their fleet on a digital map throughout the route. All important information is available at once in real time. Thanks to the live tracking function, DKV LIVE users know where their vehicles are and at what speed they are moving. This avoids inefficient processes when planning a journey. Moreover, all data is documented seamlessly and comprehensively, which helps to save time. With the DKV LIVE route planner and intelligent warning technology, fleet managers can prevent unexpected delays. To meet legal requirements, tachograph data recording overruns can also be imported into the Tachomanager tool.

The DKV LIVE portal helps customers optimize route planning and, therefore, save time, reduce costs and CO2. In addition, these solutions aim to sustainably improve the behavior of drivers and increase the use of trucks.

About, a digital platform for road transport, based on a carrier database, has operated for more than 15 years, particularly on the Eastern European market. All companies registered there have been checked by the service provider and have undergone a verification process. To enable secure cooperation between carriers and their customers, the platform offers user-friendly functions for digital order management. These include both ordering tools and a mutual evaluation of the contract partners once the transport has been carried out. With the help of an integrated online messenger, the entire communication regarding the assignment of loads takes place on the platform. It is automatically documented and archived in a digital way. In this way, the platform provides additional security in the cooperation between carriers and their customers through simple digital processes.

DKV Mobility

DKV Mobility has been one of the leading providers of mobility services for the logistics and transport industry for over 85 years. DKV offers a comprehensive range of services to optimize and manage vehicle fleets throughout Europe – from cashless services on the road at more than 230,000 points with a wide range of services and products to road toll collection and VAT refunds. In 2019, DKV Mobility Group generated a transaction volume of €9.9 billion, with over 1,200 employees and operations in 45 countries. Over 5.1 million DKV CARDs and on-board devices are currently in use with more than 250,000 customers. In 2020, DKV CARD was named the best in the category of fuel and service cards for 16 consecutive years.

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