Do you order loads on the same routes? Use the Fixed Routes on

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Do you order loads on the same routes Use the Fixed Routes on - logo

The platform allows you to set the rules for transporting your loads on a fixed route and quickly send freights to trusted carriers. Learn how to create and send freights through the Fixed Routes.

Please note, we are abolishing fees for accepting orders from outside the Exchange, including work within fixed routes. If you are a Platform subscriber, you can order and confirm freights for FREE. This means no additional costs for you and the carrier.

Reposting and copying offers is a thing of the past

It is worth using solutions that can automate your daily work. When you create a fixed route on the Platform, you do it only once, and then send an order within that route with a few clicks of the mouse. E-mails, phone calls, or even just uploading similar offers multiple times to the Exchange prove to be much more time consuming.

How to send a fixed route offer?

To start working on fixed routes, simply select the “Fixed routes with carriers” module, which is available in the side menu on the Platform. In this section there is an “Add route” button, which allows you to complete the route data and define such parameters as: direction, vehicle size and type, load type, as well as terms of cooperation with carriers – price and payment due date.

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After completing the route data and freight characteristics, the appropriate carrier is assigned to receive the order. This carrier must be in your contact list in the “Contractors” module.

Learn how to add a company to your contact list:

Acceptance of a fixed route offer by the carrier

After creating a fixed route, wait for the carrier to accept the terms. Its status can be checked in the Fixed routes with carriers module. Please note that the conditions for a given route can be edited at any time, but each time they will require acceptance by the assigned carrier.

Read more about the possibilities of working on fixed routes in the HELP section:

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