New on the Platform – Best Route Assistant. Test it for free!

- Author: TFF

The Best Route Assistant is now available on the Platform! It enables accurate calculation of transport cost and time, taking into account factors such as tolls, road restrictions or expected CO2 emissions.

If you are a user of the Platform, this tool is already enabled for you. You can test it free of charge for 3 months. Just log in to your account and select the Route tab next to your load.

Planning the best route

With the Best Route Assistant, it’s easy to find the optimal route. Once you have entered parameters such as the place of loading and unloading and the type of vehicle, you will receive a calculation of the transport cost and time for the best route in seconds, as well as suggested alternative routes.

In your calculations, you can use the default vehicle profiles (bus, solo, trailer and semi-trailer) or create your own profile, which allows you to adjust the route even more precisely, avoiding for example narrow roads or tunnels. What’s important, the online maps are regularly updated, providing the latest data.

Planning the best route

Precise cost calculations

Many freight forwarders use Google Maps to calculate transportation costs. But this solution is inaccurate, as it is mainly used to determine the distance for passenger cars. The Best Route Assistant offers a precise calculator that is useful not only for new routes, but also for the daily analysis of the profitability of orders.

The Best Route Assistant provides freight forwarders with reliable information on fuel costs and tolls. It can also take into account the dimensions and weight of the vehicle. The final calculations are broken down by country and by toll system. You can choose the currency in which the costs will be presented.

Best Route Assistant

You can choose to avoid toll roads during the calculation. If you add additional points to your route, the tool will automatically calculate the final freight cost. Finally, the system will provide you with information on the expected profit.

Best Route Assistant

Consideration of environmental requirements

When planning your route, you can take into account environmental restrictions, e.g. reducing the level of permissible CO2 emissions or preventing you from entering city centers. And if you work with demanding customers who have the highest environmental standards, you can easily calculate the expected level of CO2 emissions during transport according to EN 16258.

All in one place

A great advantage of the Best Route Assistant is that you can use it within one Platform environment, where shippers are looking for carriers for specific routes. This eliminates the need to switch between different tools, which makes work more difficult and increases the time it takes to complete tasks. Now it only takes a moment and you will receive an accurate calculation of transport cost and time.

How does the promotion work?

  • You don’t have to do anything! Each user of the Platform receives free 3-month access to the Best Route Assistant.
  • If you are already a user of the Platform, the Best Route Assistant was automatically activated in your profile on May 6.
  • There are no strings attached to using the Best Route Assistant during the trial period. It does not automatically renew and will simply be switched off on August 6.
  • Starting in July, you will be able to order the tool directly from the Platform. You can find the price list on our website.

Check also the Regulations of the promotion. 

How does the Best Route Assistant work?

  • The Best Route Assistant can be found in Search for loads and Maps modules. 
  • When calculating a route with the Best Route Assistant, you can specify parameters such as waypoints, departure date and time, emission class and weight of the load, and edit the fuel price.
  • The tool also allows you to take into account environmental restrictions, avoid toll roads and create your own vehicle profile.
  • You can also see alternative routes and mark the locations you want to avoid.
  • After setting the above parameters, you get a calculation of cost, travel time and profit in the selected currency.