OCS ensures high-quality standards with private exchange

- Author: Markus Gammersbach

OCS - Doll+Leiber - Trans.eu - private freight exchange

Trans.eu is delighted to welcome forwarder OCS as its latest user of the private freight exchange. The company from Northern Germany is also actively participating in an innovative project alongside Trans.eu and the TMS provider Doll + Leiber. Together, they aim to streamline and enhance the dispatching process for forwarders, making it more efficient and effective.

For OCS, this collaboration opens up fresh avenues for responding to individual customer needs with increased flexibility, all while reinforcing their commitment to delivering top-notch quality. Simultaneously, the freight forwarder seeks to leverage Trans.eu’s robust network in Poland and other Eastern European countries to build new business connections in those regions.

The connection with Eastern Europe has a long tradition at OCS. Founder Waldemar Braun was himself born in Poland and earned his money for years as a truck driver. Today, the Germany – Poland route is one of the freight forwarder’s most important routes. Almost 70 % of OCS’s subcontractors originate from Poland. The cooperation with the transport platform therefore brings the company from near Bremen back to its roots. As strong business relationships with Eastern European freight carriers continue to gain importance, this move also lays the groundwork for expanding further into Eastern Europe.

This should also succeed by building up an own network of preferred subcontractors. With private freight exchange, OCS now has the ideal tool for this: The exclusive area on the Trans.eu platform ensures secure transport allocation to preferred carriers and the possibility to prioritise partner companies with the highest quality standards.

The integration of Doll + Leiber with Trans.eu empowers OCS to directly manage dispatching, price negotiations and transport allocation through its own TMS. This integration minimises manual effort for entering and allocating transports while reducing the potential for errors caused by duplicate data entry


  • Bijan Hakami
  • Business Development Manager, Trans.eu
  • “The partnership between OCS, Doll + Leiber and Trans.eu is more than just a collaboration – it is a pioneering project for the future. Together, we’re focused on innovative technology solutions that enable TMS providers and freight forwarders to unlock new potential in the transport market and adapt flexibly to changing market conditions.”


In addition to quicker order placement, OCS will also have access to numerous tools for improved visibility and transparency in the future. Carriers can be efficiently managed in a dedicated database, and the messenger and mobile app provide additional channels for effective communication with partner companies. Furthermore, relevant transport data, such as the performance of the company’s own carriers, is available in real time, and allows better strategic decision-making.

By utilizing the private freight exchange, OCS aims to reduce workload of its dispatchers, giving them more capacity for personalized customer care. This approach aligns with the company’s commitment to quality, driving increased profits and setting OCS apart from competitors who are mostly price-driven.


About OCS:
OCS was founded in Northern Germany in 1989. Since then, the logistics company has built up a highly operational fleet and offers its customers international know-how for individual requirements. OCS was one of the first companies to operate scheduled services between Germany and Poland and still relies 70% on partners from Poland.

About Doll + Leiber:
Doll + Leiber was founded in 1996. Since then, the TMS provider has primarily accompanied small and medium-sized haulage companies in their digitalisation and offers them comprehensive transport management solutions.


The advantages of the private freight exchange at a glance:

  • Exclusive exchange on Trans.eu: Protected transport allocation in a group of preferred partners
  • Building a community: Closer cooperation with selected partners
  • Quality assurance: Prioritisation of carriers with highest quality standards
  • Increased security: Minimised risk of cargo resale to third parties
  • Direct communication: Reach carriers effectively, no offer spamming
  • Inter-branch: Full visibility of available resources across all branches
  • Carrier verification: Comprehensive compliance check of carriers against individual carrier requirement
  • Access to strategic transport data: Current market prices, carrier performance, logistics costs
  • Enhanced supply chain resilience: Fewer bottlenecks when searching for transport capacity and carriers.

Use the private freight exchange to tap into new potential on the transport market and increase your margins.

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