messenger allows for negotiation and acceptance of offers

- Author: Małgorzata Sokołowska messenger allows for negotiation and acceptance of offers

On our Platform it is now possible to negotiate and accept offers in the messenger. It is one of those innovations long-awaited by our clients.

The messenger is one of the most popular tools among the Platform clients, used for contact, mostly exchange of arrangements and information about orders. To many people, it is an indispensable tool in everyday work.

Thanks to the refreshed version of the messenger, the clients will also be able to: 

  • specify and clarify the conditions of handling orders
  • negotiate rates directly in the tool
  • choose currency of a published offer
  • obtain exclusivity in your company for the process of rate negotiation for a specific period of time 
  • confirm conclusion of a transaction under the conditions specified during a conversation
  • translate messages into other languages automatically
  • pop out the messenger window – conversations can be carried out in a separate window
  • have easy access to information about an interlocutor and conversation archive

What benefits do these changes bring?

First of all, they will help you save time – in order to accept an offer, you do not need to transfer arrangements from the messenger to the system. The current solution will let you gain a few valuable minutes.

When a transaction is concluded via the messenger, you can generate a transport order automatically, which is also a great advantage for both parties involved. 

Furthermore, when an order is completed, you have the opportunity to give a rating to the contractor as well as receive one. Positive ratings help you build a competitive advantage and the image of a solid company. Thus, the implemented solution also aims to improve security of the supply chain.

We hope that the possibility of accepting offers in the messenger will encourage users to enter into transactions through the Platform. It is also very important in terms of security. Only transactions concluded in this way allow for giving the contractor a positive rating, as well as a negative one, being a warning to others and decreasing credibility of the contractor, says Piotr Sobala, a security expert at – Transactions concluded in the system increase the chances of a positive outcome of the case if any irregularities are reported, he adds.

The recently implemented automatic translation service, facilitating contact with foreign contractors, is also worth noticing. The service turns on when our interlocutor has a different language version of the Platform than ours. The system recognizes this fact automatically and displays such information on the messenger bar once the conversation window is opened. Additionally, incoming messages can be translated with just one click. This functionality will surely be appreciated by many of our users carrying out international transports. 

We keep developing the messenger

The implemented solutions are only a part of the announced changes within the messenger. Information about the planned solutions and implementations will appear in the next articles on our blog.

More information can also be found in our HelpCenter.