We’re speeding up freight publishing. Check our new quick form for adding offers.

- Author: Monika Kulej

We’re speeding up freight publishing. Check our new quick form for adding offers - logo

Based on feedback from users, we have made a number of positive changes to the freight publication form. Our goal was to shorten the time of adding loads, e.g. to the exchange, as much as possible. The most important ones include: only one window instead of two, a lot of data is entered automatically, so you can add subsequent freights with just one click.

A series of small changes leads to great success – this principle helped us develop the new one-step freight publication form. The most important change saves time and reduces the number of steps that had to be done each time to publish freights. Below we have gathered the key changes to the form. 

Most important: one window in the publication form instead of two

You no longer have to click on the other window to publish a freight. Now everything is presented in one form in a clear and organized manner.

Fast copying and deleting of data 

If you want to add another freight in a flash, tick the Add another freight box to the left of the Publish freight button. All data such as load details, price and dates will be moved to the new form. If you need to publish a completely different freight, simply click Add another freight, then choose Clear form to complete the details.

Mandatory fields are marked

All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk. They will be highlighted in red if not filled in, so that you do not waste time looking for the missed field.

Default completion of dates: loading, unloading

If you want to publish your freight immediately, you don’t have to fill in dates of loading and unloading and offer visibility time on every occasion. This happens automatically according to the logically defined rules. The most important principles are listed below.

When creating a freight:

👉 freight publication date: is set by default to today’s date and the nearest full hour,

👉 time for placing offers: today’s date, 11:00 pm, after that time the offer is removed from the offer table,

👉 unloading: 8:00 a.m. on the next day after loading,

👉 the offer is published immediately or at the time specified by you.

Next, select one of the load publication modes.

Please remember that the default publication mode is the same as the one selected for the last published freight. For example, if the user chooses Exchange, then the next freight is published in the same publication mode, i.e. Exchange.

Possibility to set any time for freight offers

Change the offering time if you want your offer to be active in the exchange for longer (up to the unloading date).

The new freight publication form speeds up your daily freight work considerably

We’re speeding up freight publishing. Check our new quick form for adding offers - new

Let’s briefly summarize how the new one-step form speeds up the publication of freights effectively. 

1⃣ Fill in one window of the publication form instead of two.

2⃣ Copy freights quickly, select Add another freight to make a copy of the freight with identical data. 

3⃣ Delete all the data in the form with the Clear form button.

4⃣ Mandatory fields that are not filled in are highlighted in red.

5⃣ Dates of loading and unloading as well as the mode of freight publication  are now selected by default and do not have to be published again with each new freight.

These are just some of the key improvements for publishing subsequent freights. If you publish a lot of freights, get to know our new one-step form well – you’ll definitely notice that the publication takes much less time.

That’s not all!

This year we are planning to implement some other useful functions that will make the stage of adding freights as efficient as possible:

👉 templates to help you add different types of recurring freights quickly,

👉 Direct mode publications – to messenger contacts,

👉 range of days for setting the dates of loading and unloading

Need help with freight publishing? We’ll walk you through step by step, check here: How to add a freight offer in the new form?

Do you already use the new form? Would you like to share your opinion? Contact us: opinie@trans.eu

Note: If the view of the new freight publishing window is not displayed for you within a few days – refresh the browser or report the problem to us.