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3.07.2012, Wrocław. Users of mobile phones with Android system can now use the mobile version of system for transport. Trans for mobile phones is available at Google Play shop. At the moment the German/Czech/Slovak/Italian/Spanish clients can use only the English version of the software.

For comfortable use of on your mobile get a phone with Android system – version 2.1 or later. The mobile version of Trans is simplified when compared to the one offered for PC. One of its most important features is the possibility of searching available load and vehicle offers within a radius of 300 km. The system automatically detects your location and lists offers that are closest to you. It’s necessary that the geolocation function is switched on – only then load and vehicle offers will be visible.

Searching offers on a smartphone can be more precise when you provide a vehicle body type or load’s maximum weight. Offer parameters can be saved as a filter, which will make the system show only these loads and vehicles that you want.

The application automatically downloads offer details – company name, route and contact details.

When you find a load or vehicle in the mobile version, you can contact the publisher via the messenger or by phone. In the latter case the program will automatically download the publisher’s phone number from their exchange profile and show it on your smartphone’s screen.

The mobile version allows you to create a contact list. To add a new contact find your interlocutor’s TransID number and when you enter it, the program will automatically add the contact to your list. Trans for Android does not download contacts from your computer.

Details of every conversation are stored – as in the full version of the exchange – in the archive. You can easily get there and check all the arrangements made during the conversation with your contractor.

At the moment the Android version does not include such functions as the system of planning and calculating routes – TransMap or the rating system (client comments and ratings).

However, as X confirms, along with the growth of the mobile version’s popularity, new functionalities will be implemented soon.

When for Android was officially announced, X rejected the information to the effect that the company worked on developing a system for Apple, Symbian system or Blackberry mobile phones. for Android is a beta version, any errors can be reported via the following e-mail address:

Trans for Android can be downloaded at Google Play shop.