freight exchange: the fastest way to find reliable carriers at fair rates

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Find reliable carriers at fair rates

Are you looking for reliable carriers from all over Europe? Make sure your carrier base is ready for an economic peak in the coming months. freight exchange will get you covered! On you will find 21,000 verified carrier companies from all over Europe. Every month, companies like yours, publish here 9.5 million offers. is one of the most popular freight exchanges is a technology leader and one of the most popular freight exchanges in Europe. The platform guarantees instant access to verified and available transport companies.With, the process of choosing a transport company is fast, safe and transparent.

Whenever you face an emergency or find your carrier base too small to meet the demands of the upcoming economic peak, freight exchange will be there for you.

Every day, over 100,000 road transport professionals use the exchange.

What you can gain with exchange

With the freight exchange, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

🟠 Access to a broad pool of carriers

With, you get access to a vast network of verified carriers from across Europe to Eurasia. It not only helps you secure your current transports but also enables you to explore new business opportunities, particularly during the economic peak of 2024 that is coming!

🟠 Competitive pricing

Access to a competitive marketplace allows you to choose from a variety of carriers, compare their offers, and negotiate better freight rates.

🟠 Time and cost savings

You can save time and reduce costs associated with traditional methods of finding suitable carriers, such as making numerous phone calls or sending emails.

🟠 Increased safety

All carriers on the freight exchange have undergone a thorough authorisation process. Before assigning them freight, you can also check their documents and user ratings.

🟠 Load visibility

The freight exchange offers a distinctive opportunity to expose your freight to multiple carriers simultaneously, eliminating the need to individually reach out to them with your offers.

🟠 Expanded carrier network

Working with the platform, you can expand your base of trusted carriers, making it easier to find reliable partners for various routes in the future.

🟠 Streamlined administrative efficiency

The tool helps you manage transport documentation and reduce the administrative workload associated with managing shipments and handling paperwork.

🟠 Business growth

By accessing a broader range of carriers, enhancing visibility, and improving operational efficiency, you can better meet customer demands and expand your business.

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Reliable carriers at fair rates