Whitepaper: Effective strategies for forwarders to increase profits

- Author: Markus Gammersbach

Effective strategies for freight forwarders to increase profits

Economic downturn and decline in transport demand, high cost of doing business, market instability and problems finding carriers. These are some of the biggest, but by no means the only, challenges that road transport industry is facing at the moment. After a turbulent 2022, forwarders are currently trying to redesign their processes to meet customer expectations while increasing their margins.

In our exclusive report for freight forwarders, we looked at the development of the transport market in Europe and the consequences for freight forwarders:

  • How will freight rates develop in the contract market in 2023?
  • How can higher profits be achieved with shorter contract periods?
  • How do forwarders find secure hauliers without long-term contracts?

These are just a few of the questions we explored in our report. The report entitled “T&L contract market in Europe 2023″ contains sound assessments by our experts. With these insights from the field, we want to support freight forwarders in their strategic considerations for the coming months and show them effective strategies with which they can increase their profits despite the ongoing challenges in the T&L market.

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