Help for Ukraine – new labelling of loads on the exchange

- Author: Dominika Krzak

Help for Ukraine – new labelling of loads on the exchange - logo

More and more often, following the initiative of the Platform users, loads intended as humanitarian aid for Ukraine are published on the freight exchange. They are willingly taken up by transport companies that can deliver them to people in need, to the specified location.

Seeing this trend, we responded to the need for manufacturing, trading and forwarding companies to join carriers in providing help to people from Ukraine. Companies that want to deliver, on their own or on behalf of charities they cooperate with, a load intended as support for people affected by the war, can publish it on the freight exchange, with the description: “help for Ukraine”. Our algorithm then recognises it as humanitarian aid and adds a special label to this offer, which clearly distinguishes the freight on the exchange. This makes it easy for carriers wishing to transport aid goods to find them on the exchange by filtering freight offers by those marked by the algorithm as humanitarian aid.

When publishing a freight on the exchange, remember to fill in the “Additional description” field in the form by typing “Help for Ukraine”. Only then will your freight be marked with a special label.

Help for Ukraine – new labelling of loads on the exchange - offers

On the freight exchange, we have added a new label, which will help carriers to easily find a load defined as humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Freights are highlighted as humanitarian aid with a graphic icon in the colours of the flag of Ukraine. By ticking the relevant checkbox, the carrier can also use the filter, which will help him find dedicated offers of help to Ukraine.

Help for Ukraine – new labelling of loads on the exchange - aid

As a Group we are strongly committed to helping those fleeing war zones and those who are still in Ukraine. We have also noticed that our contractors are increasingly using the freight exchange to find a carrier who can deliver goods containing humanitarian aid to people from Ukraine. On the other hand, there are quite a few carriers willing to take on such challenges. Naturally, we decided to bring these two groups together in order to make this dimension of the supply chain smoother and to ensure that aid reaches those in need on time.

Negotiations and arrangements for the carriage of goods are made directly between the orderer and the carrier. only provides a tool for quick communication between these parties, whose responsibility is to verify transactions in detail. It is organised under the standard operating rules of the public exchange. We aim to support and facilitate the establishment of cooperation between companies interested in helping Ukraine.

We are currently working on a digital tool that will allow us to match charities with carriers directly in a closed and properly prepared group, dedicated only to humanitarian aid.

If you want to know more or are interested in joining a group dedicated to the aid area, please write an e-mail on, we will contact you.