How to become a digital forwarder with Platform

- Author: Małgorzata Sokołowska

How to become a digital forwarder with Platform

Following the success that digital transport platforms have achieved by meeting the dynamic transport needs of customers and direct cooperation with carriers in one place, no one is surprised that such solutions are becoming popular in Europe. What threat do they pose to forwarders operating on a traditional market? What allows traditional forwarding companies to become digital?

What is digital forwarding?

Digital forwarding is not just innovative web Platforms, but also forwarders who implement innovative technologies in their everyday work – both in the organization of work with carriers and shippers as well as flexible obtaining of new partners. Thanks to automation, they can easily plan and organize transport.

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All these activities allow for gaining a competitive advantage in the long term when it comes to saving time and resources as well as more efficient operations. Then why do the owners of forwarding companies still prefer working in a standard way?

Most of them still believe that in order to operate on the market, they simply need to perform duties and maintain partnership and direct relationships with customers. It is not enough! To survive on the market, provide services to more clients and ensure competitive advantage, the company has to implement digital solutions. This is particularly true as customer needs continue to grow and keep changing. Some expect the exact GPS location of the transport to be available, quick adjustment to a sudden change in location or cooperation with a larger group of trusted carriers. 

Traditional forwarding company is a mine of knowledge and experience

Forwarding companies operating in a traditional way still use the well-known and popular Excel spreadsheets or paper documents instead of digital ones. A traditional forwarder rewrites or retypes a lot of information every day, the application of which is very limited, as he is not able to process them more efficiently in many ways just as automated systems can. On the other hand, developed relationships and experience in the industry are a great advantage. 

  • Bogdan Kosturek
  • Bogdan Kosturek
  • Vice President of Technology,
  • he first advantage of traditional forwarding is expertise. Traditional forwarders have great knowledge. They are reliable, punctual and able to maintain good relations with customers. Yet, it is worth noting that many of them organize transport of goods without using modern software and automating tasks. If they changed this and started to make use of technology, they would gain more benefits and complete all tasks faster.

Solution? Combine your expertise with digital tools

These are available at your fingertips. The Platform lets every traditional forwarding company become digital with the help of a tool for shippers – Trans for Forwarders.

Why use this tool?

  1. Forwarding companies can order and receive freight in an automated way. Thanks to this solution, they save time that would be spent on manual sending of queries to carriers. It is also quicker and more cost-effective to acquire them.
  1. You can cooperate with proven carriers directly and create your own groups of trusted business partners. Such a possibility will help optimize your workflow and save a lot of time.
  1. Forwarding companies will compare rates for carrier’s freight in the blink of an eye. This improvement helps avoid overpaying for transports.
  1. Contact on the messenger with the functionality of automatic translation allows for communication with a foreign partner. Additionally, you can negotiate and accept rates directly in the messenger while chatting with a contractor.

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Technology will make it easier to stay on the market

Digital forwarding is the future and a way to build competitive advantage for companies on the market. It is also a solution which facilitates quicker response to the dynamically changing needs of customers. You can go digital now and compete with the biggest giants. The Platform solutions will help you achieve this.