TCF Elite – certificate of quality for the best forwarders on the Platform

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TCF Elite – certificate of quality for the best forwarders on the Platform - logo

For years the TCF Elite certificate has been a quality mark of freight forwarding companies on the Platform. Companies awarded with this certificate are the best business partners for both carriers and shippers.

What is TFC Elite Certificate?

Trans Certified Forwarder Elite is a certificate dedicated to forwarding companies providing comprehensive transport process organisation services and, at the same time, facing common problems in the industry: decreasing availability of carriers and growing requirements of contractors. Such companies need objective confirmation of the quality of their services in order to attract contractors and stand out from the competition.

TCF Elite – certificate of quality for the best forwarders on the Platform - certificates

The certificate is visible in the company’s account on the platform.

The fact of holding the certificate by your company is a great recognition. Your contractors know that you are worth cooperating with. It stands for reliability, honesty and punctuality, i.e. characteristics desirable on the market. Although we grant it free of charge, it is not easy to obtain the certificate. We have a set of criteria dependent on the type of the certificate and its recipient. In case of forwarders, we focus on payment reliability and reputation in the industry as well as full transparency of the profile, which includes uploading of a set of documents. 

TCF Elite – certificate of quality for the best forwarders on the Platform - TCF

Filtering of offers by certificates on the platform


Forwarders with Trans Certified Forwarder Elite:

  • have received very good opinions from the community – in the form of ratings, comments and references
  • pay on time, which is proved by the TransRisk Index at a good level
  • ensure that the required company documents and insurance policies are up-to-date
  • do not apply grossly unfair terms in transport orders and the prohibition on the assignment of claims

How can TCF Elite certificate help me?

First of all, it is visible on the Trans.traeu Platform in the place where decisions on cooperation are taken on an ongoing basis. In result, it will increase the chance of your offer being chosen or even make you more comfortable in choosing a contractor among a larger number of requests. You will find the certificate logo on your business card.

What is more, it will be easier for contractors to reach your offer by searching it by the certificate category. Additionally, certified companies can be promoted on the Platform and supported by algorithms linking carriers to shippers. In the first place, it advises users to choose offers from a certified company.

If you haven’t worked on the Platform yet, you can still verify whether your contractor has a certificate of quality. Check the interactive list of certified companies on the website.

I do not have the certificate, but I think I deserve one

In this case just contact us. We will verify your company and decide whether to grant the certificate. Before that, please remember to update your profile on the Platform with the required documents.

You can learn more about certificates:

If you have any questions about TCF Elite certification, or you may be interested in cooperation opportunities, please contact us

🇪🇪 For Estonian companies: +370 5 219 55 34 or

🇫🇮 For Finland companies: +358 9 42733088 or

🇬🇧 For UK companies: +44 (0) 203 80 85 086 or