Strategy Guide: Hybrid business model for freight forwarders

- Author: Markus Gammersbach

Strategy Guide - Hybrid business model for freight forwarders

The transport industry remains highly volatile. After years of overcapacity, there has been a significant downturn since summer 2023.

Once again, digital solutions are seen as the key to success. In our latest strategy guide, we would like to introduce you to a hybrid business model that allows you to increase your own profits even in times of economic downturn:

🚚💡 Re-thinking freight forwarding
Hybrid business model for achieving higher margins on the transport market

In our guide you will discover:
🔵 What are the current challenges for freight forwarders?
🔵 Which digitisation trends are influencing the industry?
🔵 What are the barriers to digitalisation for freight forwarders?
🔵 How to achieve higher margins with the hybrid business model?

Download our guide now and start re-thinking processes in your daily work as a freight forwarder to achieve higher margins.

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