Digitally, which means effectively. 6 ways to make forwarding easier

- Author: Małgorzata Sokołowska

Digitally, which means effectively. 6 ways to make forwarding easier - logo

Technological developments and ever-present digitalization enable forwarding companies to work efficiently on a daily basis. By simply reaching for the available transport management tools, you can compete with the biggest players on the market. Digital platforms allow you to not only find customers and contractors easily, but to effectively cooperate with the best ones on a regular basis. How to work digitally? Here are some tips!

1. Take full advantage of digital logistics platforms

The first step to become a digital forwarder is to use the potential of the available digital platforms. Working solely on the freight exchange allows you to find a subcontractor quickly, but will not optimize your work as a forwarder in the long run. The key to success is to go beyond the existing schemes and use additional modules that will allow you to work regularly with trusted carriers. On the Platform, users of the freight exchange can use them free of charge. They include working with one’s own carrier groups, sending freights within fixed routes or even selecting a carrier with help of the SmartMatch algorithm.  

Digitally, which means effectively. 6 ways to make forwarding easier - carriers

Carrier search options. For the Exchange users all other freight shipping options are free. 

2. Work with the best carriers Platform allows for efficient contact management. All users have profiles completed with the data needed to verify a company and decide if it is a good fit. What can you find in the carrier’s profile? His insurance policy, transport license, company registration documents, and – most importantly – ratings and opinions from contractors. This gives you first-hand information on whether it is worth working with the carrier. 

It is worth adding a good carrier to a group in the Contractors module, and then sending offers to him directly. Why? This is effective (a greater chance of starting cooperation) and safe (we reach a verified and reliable carrier). 

3. Order transport with just a few clicks

The Platform allows you to quickly request transport, both through its publication on the Exchange, as well as by sending it to a selected group of carriers. Simply set the parameters of the offer and then publish it with just a few clicks. In this way you will reach the carriers who can quickly decide to take an order without making unnecessary phone calls. If necessary, the Platform also allows for price negotiations in the convenient messenger.

4. Optimize costs with good price insight

Cost efficiency is extremely important in the transport sector. Thanks to the platform, which allows reaching many carriers in a short period of time, it is easy to estimate how the price proposals from transport companies are shaping up. Once a new order is created, you get responses that allow you to determine whether the offer falls within the acceptable price range or is too high. What if the order is for new, unknown destinations or markets? There is a useful feature called forecasted price, which is displayed while sending a freight. It is calculated based on the prices of similar freights that have been accepted on the Platform. 

5. Track your freight

With the use of load monitoring, it is possible to track vehicles anywhere in the country and the world. Knowing where your goods are and when they will reach the recipient is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs due to delays. Freight tracking allows you to control and react to possible anomalies. On you can track any freight and get up-to-date information on whether it is in the transshipment terminal, en route or has just completed unloading.

6.  Communicate with carriers efficiently

Hello, is the offer still valid? This is a frequent question that appears in conversations on the messenger. Thanks to this tool, phone calls or e-mails are a thing of the past. After all, it is more effective to work in just one place and the Platform also allows for efficient communication. The chat window is not only for chatting, but also for negotiating and concluding transactions. The automatic translator enables conversation with a foreign partner and cooperation without barriers. 

Digital tools are at the fingertips of every forwarder. You only need access to the Platform. We encourage you to go beyond the Exchange and test additional solutions which can make your daily work much easier. What’s important, the Exchange users are not charged with any additional fees for using them.